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Sandstone and Brick

Rainguard is our registered trademmark for a unique product that weatherproofs natural stone and brick buildings. It not only stops water ingress, it also preserves the stone and brickwork against spalling and stains. Once applied your property will retain it’s stabilised appearance for years to come. A maintenance FREE application which will help eliminate many problems encountered due to harsh and variable weather conditions.

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Protecting your property for years to come

Rainguard can be used to seal any type of brick so protecting both the brick and mortar from decay and staining for many years. It’s unique breathable membrane allows walls to vent moisture whilst stopping penetrating damp from the exterior.

Many types of sandstone become porous over years of weathering and in many cases water will be retained is the block. Its when this happens in conjunction with freezing temperatures that the most damage is done. Rainguard will stop this from happening and help preserve the block for years to come.

Rainguard is demonstrated in this short video clip. Just click on the link to view the video.

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