Advanced Wall Solutions uses the unique Proteks System for the highest quality product and finish on your walls.  

For over 45 years the Proteks System has been protecting properties throughout the UK and beyond. Developed during World War II to protect the hulls of ships. This allowed the fleet to stay on the high seas for longer than normal, so aiding the war effort.

After the war, the Proteks System was further developed to include colour pigments to give a wide colour choice. It now offers the widest range of over 120 colours from the BS 4800 palette. The original Proteks was a clear application, now our Rainguard application which is now used to seal decaying sandstone, brickwork, natural stone, mortar between bricks and stonework. This not only protects property's from decay and high maintenance bills, but it also extends the building's life expectancy.

Product Range

Our product range has developed as trends and fashions changed and buildings and structures become more fashionable. Over the past few decades, we have witnessed a dramatic climate change. Bringing extremes to all parts of the UK year on year. The Proteks System offers property owners long life protection from the elements and changing weather conditions and along with our “no quibble” underwritten warranty gives a complete “peace of mind” fix for properties.

Proteks System

The Proteks System is now available in Textured applications and Smooth applications as well as the original clear Rainguard application offering property owners a better, longer lasting alternative to roughcasting, render work and traditional masonry painting methods.

With over 45 years of excellence, the Proteks Systems have outlived its warranty periods time and time again. Giving property owners a cost-effective alternative to more traditional methods (which normally do not offer a guarantee) and security against their investment.




The Proteks System has over 45 Years of Excellence throughout the UK