The Unique Proteks System Finish for Your Homes Exterior Walls



  • Outlast Traditional Painting Methods by 5-7 times
  • Protects and Weatherproof
  • 25 Years Plus Life Protection
  • 10 Year Guarantee!  
  • Has Over 120 Shades
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You may never need to paint again!

Choose From Over

120 colours from the BS 4800 colour palette


Proteks seals decaying sandstone, brickwork, natural stone, including the mortar between bricks and stonework. 

The Proteks system is a water repellent application, yet a breathable membrane, so it not only protects properties from decay and high maintenance bills, it also extends the buildings life expectancy keeping it looking young and fresh.

Let Advanced Wall Solutions Proteks System protect the outside of your home from all sorts of weather conditions.

Is your property's exterior looking tired? Are you needing to paint your exterior walls every couple of years? Do you wish there was something you could find that would be more long term and professional?

Well, look no further because the Proteks System is the fix for any property – from castles, hotels, large flats, as well as domesticated properties.


The Advantage of The Proteks System

  • Gives property owners a cost-effective alternative to more traditional methods of painting your property exterior.
  • Other products might not offer the guarantee and security against their investment if you are going to make an investment in using the Proteks System
  • There is no better way than to do protect the exterior of your property by using a company which has a tried and tested guaranteed protection product.
  • There is nothing more reassuring than finding a company that listens to your needs and has the experience to work with you - that is Advanced Wall Solutions