Textured Application

Textured Paint Application for Outside Wall Problems 

During production perlite (lava chip) is added to the mix to give a Fine, Medium or Standard texture finish. This gives a wide variety of solutions to solve almost any problem. Add to this over 100 colours to choose from, The Proteks System is the answer to many exterior wall problems.

What is the Proteks System?

Proteks is an exterior protective and decorative application for the long-term protection of the exterior fabric of almost any building. Based on a modern synthetic resin, The Proteks System gives structures an extremely tough weatherproof finish that is remarkably resistant to weathering, even in the most rigorous climatic conditions. It is so resistant that an application of Proteks comes with a full underwritten guarantee. Proteks is the ultimate protection against the harsh British weather. Yet it is not a vapour barrier. In other words - it stops water penetration yet allows the walls to vent moisture from the inside of the property.

All repairs are undertaken to bring your property into good repair prior to any finishes being applied. Contact us to arrange a “no obligation” survey and quotation for your property.

Full underwritten warranty for your "piece of mind".