Eliminate Damp Problems

The Proteks System will protect your property against damp & water ingress. Its unique microporous formula will STOP water penetrating through the exterior walls of your property, but at the same time will allow the walls to breathe naturally. Over time this will allow the property to dry out and will help to increase the heat retention in the property. Resulting in lower heating bills.

Properties built prior to 1930 were not subject to building controls and in many cases, their method of build allows water ingress into the property. Proteks will successfully eliminate damp and ingress issues. All our applications will STOP water penetration from the exterior whilst allowing the walls to breathe naturally. Its unique formula has been successfully protecting properties throughout the UK & beyond for over 45 years.

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The Proteks System is a breathable membrane which gives buildings a long-term protection against the elements and comes with an underwritten industry standard warranty for full “peace of mind”.

Available in textured, smooth and clear applications.


Exterior Wall Paint